For Sale: 1975 Lotus Europa Historic Race Car

Lotus Europa Historic Race Car

This very special Lotus Europa sports race car was built in Australia in 1975 to drawings by Lotus designer and Lotus 47 project leader John Joyce. It’s a genuine historic race car with an interesting history, and has current CAMS and FIA recognition documents and logbook.

Currently up for sale, it could be yours! Read on for the details.

Based on a Series 2 black badge model Europa, this car is a genuine historic race car with current CAMS/FIA recognition documents and log book. It is not a replica or reproduction, and is eligible to compete at club level as well as in high profile historic events alongside some of the world’s most desirable classic Formula 1 and GT cars.

Lotus Europa Historic Race Car


The original CAMS log book confirms that Peter Granger first raced this car in NSW state level circuit racing events from 1971 to August 1972 at Amaroo Park, Mount Panorama “Easter Bathurst” events as well as Oran Park and the Tasman Series support races at Warwick Farm. Modifications then included a single side draft Webber. Its original colour was British Racing Green.

Lotus Europa Historic Race Car

Chris Hones was the next owner and competed in club events – mostly Amaroo Park hillclimb and circuit events in 1973 and 1974. Chris fitted a very strong Renault Alpine/Gordini rally spec engine setup, however the power and torque made the car prone to rear suspension/driveline failures.

In 1975, John Joyce of Bowin Engineering had returned to Australia and was based a few blocks from where Chris lived. A deal was struck with John to provide design services and some parts to upgrade the Hones car to Lotus 47 suspension and chassis specifications. Chris, however, chose to keep the Alloy Renault engine (and gearbox) due to its similar power to the Ford Twin Cam engine and significant weight saving.

The rear suspension design by John Joyce is based on the Lotus 49 Formula 1 car of the era. Guided by John Joyce, the initial rear suspension and chassis detail drawings were done by a new Bowin engineer, Tom Quirk, who later went on to work for McLaren F1. The front suspension is based on the original Lotus 47 blueprints that John Joyce provided for the project.

Lotus Europa Historic Race Car

The work was completed by Christmas 1975 and after it competed at Amaroo, the car was sold to John Butcher, who painted it silver and then in the black JPS Lotus colours.

John Butcher competed in races at Amaroo, Oran Park, Sandown and Calder before crashing heavily at Oran Park in 1981. John began a restoration and repair, and then sold the partly-restored car back to Chris Hones in 1986.

After other racing commitments with BMW Gp4 and then Porsche Cup, Chris completed restoration to the original 1975 specifications in September 2007 and he is the current owner. The car is now back to the original colour of British Racing Green but with some metal flake.

Following restoration the car competed at Eastern Creek on 16th September 2007 after a break of 26 years!

The sale includes original drawings, spare suspension parts, brakes, major engine parts, some fibreglass moulds and panels, an additional sets of wheels, tyres and more.

It is sold with full New South Wales road registration. Buy it before the full rego expires!

Price: reduced to $89,950.
Contact: Chris 0417 274990