For Sale: Wheels to Suit Lotus

JAP Magna Wheels

These JAP Magna wheels are for sale by Allan in Queensland.

Eight J A Pearce Magna wheels are available including one damaged wheel. These are perfect for your Lotus Elan!

After many years JAP Magna wheels are once again available new from the United Kingdom – check out the price! You could purchase these wheels plus one new wheel from the UK and put together two sets for different uses:

  • A street tyre set and race tyre set
  • A dry tyre set and wet tyre set
  • An everyday use set and a concours set

Or just sell on a set of four.

Offers of $1,400 ONO will be considered. MUST GO – reduced to $1000.

All wheels are currently located in Brisbane. Call Allan on 0419 756 896 or send Seth an email and he’ll put you in touch.

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  1. hi seth i have just found your wheels and am interested in in both sets can you reply with info particilarly the JAP magna wheels as to what size they are awaiting your reply regs robbie rhoades

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