Geoghegan Sporty Car Stickers Available through Lotus Club Queensland

Geoghegans Sporty Cars

The kind folk of Lotus Club Queensland have stock of Geoghegan Sporty Car stickers that they would like to make available to Club Lotus Australia members with cars sold or supplied by the Geoghegans.

The stickers were donated by a LCQ member in the hope that they would make their way to members who own cars sold and/or supplied by the Geoghegans when they were the Lotus dealer. The Club believes that cars sold and supplied by the Geoghegans in this period would most likely be pre-’72 Lotus Elans, Lotus Elan Plus 2s and Lotus 7 Clubmans.

45 of the stickers are available to CLA members with Geoghegan cars and LCQ has most kindly offered to provide the stickers at a cost of $1 plus postage of $1 to those who can confirm the origin of their car.

Hit this link to the Lotus Club Queensland website for more details and get in contact with the Club, or send Seth an email, if you’re interested.

3 Comments on “Geoghegan Sporty Car Stickers Available through Lotus Club Queensland”

  1. Hi Club Lotus Queensland
    I would love a Geoghegan car sticker to put on the ex Goeghegan Lotus Cortina
    it would finish the restoration off perfectly
    Trevor Simpson

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