For Sale: 2007 Exige S

2007 Exige S

This magnificent and supremely well-sorted 2007 Exige S is up for sale through a Queensland-based friend of the Club.

Up for sale is my 2007 Exige S. This car has been regularly serviced and enhanced by Chris at Automotion in Brisbane. It has approximately 89,000 kilometers on the clock and is currently registered until May, 2018

2007 Exige S

This car has been my pride and joy and I have spent in the order of $140,000 on it over the last 5 years.

It will be well-recognized by many in the Lotus community and is one of the most sorted Exige series 2 cars in Australia. No money has been spared in regular maintenance and I have installed almost every aftermarket item that Simply Sports Cars sell to ensure reliability, safety, and performance.

2007 Exige S

I am only selling it to make room in the garage for a new Lotus Exige Sport 350 that my son and I can use to compete in the GT Sports Trophy class in Targas.

There are too many enhancements to list here, so I welcome an email or phone call and I can also send the list to anyone that is interested in the car. Instead of buying a stock car and then catching a dose of update-itis, I offer the opportunity of saving a fortune on upgrades and getting to use a genuine weapon straight out of the box.

2007 Exige S

It has a Neil Trama ‘black’ engine with 315rwhp that was fitted only 400km ago.

The car will be sold with black team dynamic wheels with Kuhmo V700 semi slick tyres fitted. On the down side the paint work in the front and lower side sills has lots of stone chips, which is common for a Lotus that has been used as it was designed for by the manufacturer.

The car has done a 1:04.9 around Wakefield in the hands of an average driver (me). It’s also done a 1:26.2 around the 3km track at Morgan park (same average driver).

It is the most fun go kart on steroids you can drive.

Asking $66500

Call Darryl on 0411 075 566

2007 Exige S

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