For Sale: As-New HANS Device

Hans Device

Anne Blackwood is offering this as-new and unused Stand 21 HANS 30M Device for sale. It was bought new at a cost of $1300 and not used. Anne is asking $850 for it. Please contact Anne on 0413 221 123 or send us an email and we’ll put you in touch.  

Geoghegan Sporty Car Stickers Available through Lotus Club Queensland

Geoghegans Sporty Cars

The kind folk of Lotus Club Queensland have stock of Geoghegan Sporty Car stickers that they would like to make available to Club Lotus Australia members with cars sold or supplied by the Geoghegans. The stickers were donated by a LCQ member in the hope that they would make their way to members who own cars sold and/or supplied by the … Read More

SOLD! 1948 MGTC Square Rigger

1948 MGTC Square Rigger

It may not be a Lotus, but this little MGTC Square Rigger has British sportscar pedigree, pace and charm to match. It has now sold.

Free to a Good Home: Steel Shelf Units

Steel Shelves

These steel shelf units are from a Club member’s recent office renovation and are free to a good home unless you wish to make a donation. They’re sure to be of use in the garage! They are 900mm wide steel shelves. They’re currently disconnected and ready to go. Contact Claudio or Connie at Systemcraft during business hours on 9564 6168.

For Sale: 1975 Lotus Europa Historic Race Car

Lotus Europa Historic Race Car

This very special Lotus Europa sports race car was built in Australia in 1975 to drawings by Lotus designer and Lotus 47 project leader John Joyce. It’s a genuine historic race car with an interesting history, and has current CAMS and FIA recognition documents and logbook. Currently up for sale, it could be yours! Read on for the details.