Garage Sale: Lotus Elan S3 and Cortina Mk II Parts for Sale

Lotus Elan and Cortina Mk II parts

Club member Robert has a collection of Lotus Elan S3 spare parts up for sale and will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to Beyond Blue. Scroll along and take a look.

Garage Sale: Lotus Elan S3 and Cortina Mk II Parts

I’m holding a garage sale to move on some Lotus Elan S3 parts, along with some Mk II Cortina parts. Now that re resto is complete and the car has a new home, I have a large stash of surplus parts that I’d also like to find good (preferably Lotus Club) homes for.

Includes 711M block complete, Lotus piston sets new and used, Lotus crankshaft, other engine parts, clutches galore, brake parts, surplus trimming material, fuel pumps, wheel bearings, lights, steering wheels, ducting, air cleaners, books etc etc.

If you don’t see what you’re after in the photos, please just ask as there are boxes and boxes of this stuff. First in best dressed.

Happy to post anywhere, or if you are Sydney based, feel free to drop by (Five Dock) and have a fossick and chat, I’ll put the kettle on.

Special Club Lotus prices and 20% of proceeds, when tallied, to Beyond Blue

And as Frank says, “Bundle and save!”

If you’re interested in anything or have any questions give Robert a call on 0421 313 257, send Seth an email.

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