Lotus Excel Project For Sale

Lotus Excel Project

The Lotus Excel project that we listed over the weekend has been rescued from the crusher by Paul in Perth, who is taking care of it so that it may make its way to its next custodian.

Lotus Excel Project

I have saved the red Lotus Excel project that was being crushed in Perth. I do not need another project at the moment, I only want to preserve it for its next custodian.

I have removed all of the broken glass, including the windscreen and rubbish that was dumped in it. I’ve also rehung the bonnet and performed some other basic work.

The vehicle is mostly complete, around 90%. It’s missing the front and rear bumpers and one tail lamp as well as most of the glass and a couple of the moldings. All the moldings that are there are painted red. The key is missing, so steering is locked, and the tyres will not hold air.

I have not tried to turn the motor, as someone has cut the timing belt.

I will look at putting some tyres on it to make it a roller, and see if I can remove the steering lock.

The car is now stored in my workshop out of the weather. If any Club Lotus members are interested, please get in touch via Seth at [email protected].

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