Free Set of Pirellis from an Exige S to Interested CLA Member

Canberra-based club member Trevor has reached out to us looking for a new home for the Pirellis off his 2014 Exige S. He’s offering them for free, as they’ve sat unused for nearly three years and have likely gone hard.

Pirelli Tyres from 2014 Exige S

I have an Exige S which was built in 2014. I replaced my Pirellis with new Michelin Sport 4s for Targa Tas in 2017 and they’ve been laying up since. So nice and hard for someone who’s either crazy or wants to get 100K Km out of them, but that’s crazy too.

Anyway they’re free to anyone who can use them.  The tread depth to the wear mark is about 2.4mm.

The tyres are in Canberra.

Send an email to Seth and he’ll put you in touch, or phone 04 1110 2946.