For Sale: ‘In the Left-Hand Seat’ John Dawson-Damer Biography & Golden Jubilee Jacket

In The Left-Hand Seat John Dawson-Damer

Friend of the club Ed is selling ‘In the Left-Hand Seat’, a biography of John Dawson-Damer and giving away a Golden Jubilee jacket. Read on for the details.

As some members will be aware, my brother Gos Cory died last year. He was a member of the Club, and had only recently sold his twin cam Europa which he had campaigned on track.

I am now selling some books of his on behalf of his partner, one of which is ‘In the Left-hand Seat’, the sporting biography of John Dawson-Damer. Given its relevance to club members, I am offering it here first, prior to listing it with the others on the usual sites. It seems to be somewhat collectible, and I am offering it at $AUD150, plus $20 post.

I also have his Golden Jubilee jacket, in excellent condition, size 3XL, free to someone who a) wants it, b) fits it, and c) wears it.

Contact Ed on 0468 369 285, or send an email to Seth at [email protected] and he’ll put you in touch.

Club Lotus Golden Jubilee Jacket

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