About CLA

Welcome to Club Lotus Australia!

Formed in 1973 by a small band of enthusiasts, Club Lotus Australia is about bringing people together around a shared passion for Lotus cars.

Each year we put together a full schedule of social, motorsport and technical activities from track epics and full weekends away to relaxed mornings together. You can find out what we’re up to by taking a look at the ‘Coming up..’ section on the right or checking out the calendar, and learn more about our events on the ‘Events’ page here.

Variety is the spice of life and we endeavour to offer a breadth of activities to suit our eclectic collection of Lotus fans. No matter your interests, preferences or car, you’ll find opportunities to enjoy friends and cars, explore this incredible country, and hopefully develop some new skills and a spot of wisdom along the way.

Beyond events and activities, we offer a network of support. Since we’re all different and our cars are drawn from some six decades of history, we strive to cultivate a network of expertise, support and opportunity to suit.

Club Lotus Australia has active chapters in the ACT, NSW, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. If you are looking for information specific to one of these chapters, please head to our ‘Links’ page for a link to their website, or our ‘Contact’ page here to get in contact with them.

Take a moment to enjoy the website, catch up on everything we’ve been up to and get to know us a little. If you have questions or feedback of any kind, please drop us a line and we will endeavour to help you.

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We use an online system called ‘Member Jungle’ to look after our memberships. If you would like to become a member, renew your membership or update your details, please hit the following link:

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