March 2019 Edition of Lotus Notes Available for Download

Lotus Notes March 2019

Cover photo by Emma Morley, Lotus Cars Australia: Lotus Evora GT430 at the Lotus Cars Australia Bathurst Track Day 2019.

Round two of 2019’s Lotus & Clubman Notes is on the way to Lotus Club Victoria and Lotus Club Queensland members, and is available to download from the members’ page.

March’s Lotus Notes features:

  • Lotus Cars Australia Bathurst Track Day 2019
  • 2018 Women’s Motorsport Development Program (WMDP)
  • Ten Years of Owning a Lotus Esprit Turbo
  • New Rules for Vehicle Imports
  • Rob Roy Hill Climb
  • Mt. Cotton Hill Climb

And much more!

The newsletter is kindly provided to Club Lotus Australia by Lotus Club Victoria in its digital form, and will as such require you to be logged in to your members account. Download it from our ‘Members‘ page.

If you’re not a member yet, hit this link to find out more about the club and why you should become one! To learn more about Lotus Club Victoria, hit this link to their website and consider catching up with them when you’re in the state.

Ashton’s President’s Prattle for March, 2019

Club Lotus Australia CSCA 2019 Round 1

Hi everyone,

I’ve just returned from the the first round of the 2019 CSCA Championships, proudly and very, very capably organised by Club Lotus Australia. I have to say that every year we raise the bar on the efficiency of the organisation of these sprints, and the consequent fun enjoyed by everyone. This year was a remarkable triumph for our outstanding Motorsport Committee – Mike Basquil, Dave Mackie, Mel and Gino Valdes, Craig and Cathy Shepard and Jen Hogan – thank you all, it was a belter! Even if I was in the “rather slow” category for the day.

As in previous years, all the runners from CLA participated in the organisation and marshalling. For that, my very grateful thanks. I would particularly like to recognise Brett Stevens, Peter Klumper and Brian Sutton, who, despite not running in the event, made the trip down to Wakefield to marshal. Thank you gents, that was commitment way beyond helpful. And thank you to the 35 members who ran (out of a total of 95 runners and riders on the day.) It was an outstanding turnout and lovely to see so many of you there. What a great day.

So, that is our sprint in the bag for another year and we are off and running for the season (even if I will miss most of the fun for May, June and July while I am away!)

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