Lotus Photos: LOST Fraternity End of Daylight Saving Breakfast

Lost Fraternity End of Daylight Savings Breakfast 2022

Images thanks to Jack McLaughlin On Sunday the 3rd of April, 2022, the LOST Fraternity took a run to Murray’s Beach to mark the first day after we rolled back the clocks for winter. Jack McLaughlin kindly reached out with a few shots from the catch-up, which you can enjoy below. Meeting in Belmont, they took a short run down … Read More

Ashton’s President’s Prattle for April, 2022

CSCA 2022 R1 Ashton Roskill

Happy autumn all, What with everything else going on (geopolitically and weather-wise) I have rather lost track of time – and given that we didn’t get a summer in NSW this year, the fact that we have bumped into autumn already came as a bit of a surprise to me.

Lotus Photos: Carss Park Tyre Kick & Coffee, March 2022

March 2022 Tyre Kick & Coffee

Images thanks to Evan Jones After being battered by torrential rain through most of the week, we finally saw a break in the weather for the weekend, with the sun coming out to shine upon the first of our monthly catch-ups. Evan Jones has kindly sent along a few photos of the gathering, which you can enjoy below. Both Tyre … Read More

Lotus Photos: Sandy Bay Tasmania, March 2022

Images thanks to Robert Verhey Our friends in Tasmania get together most months at Sandy Bay to kick tyres and chat about life, Lotus and everything. Robert Verhey made it to March 2022’s catch-up, held on Sunday the 6th, and very kindly reached out with a few photos that you can enjoy below.

Lotus Photos: February 2022’s Carss Park Tyre Kick & Coffee

Club Lotus Carss Park Tyre Kick Coffee February 2022

Sunday the 13th of February found us in the car park above By the Bay Cafe in Carss Park, chatting and enjoying a coffee in the sunshine for the first of our Tyre Kicks of the month. La Niña took the weekend off, giving us a pleasant morning complete with sunshine to light up all the candy coloured Lotuses we … Read More

Lotus Photos: January 2022’s Gough Whitlam Park Tyre Kick & Coffee

January 2022 Club Lotus Australia Tyre Kick & Coffee Gough Whitlam Park

On Sunday the 16th of January, 2022, we took a very peaceful cruise (perhaps one thing to be thankful for in our current predicament) to Gough Whitlam Park in Earlwood to catch up over a coffee very kindly provided by Club President Ashton Roskill. Scroll along to enjoy a few photos of the line-up.