A Long Affair: The Story of a Long and Happy Relationship with a Lotus Elite

Brian Caldersmith and his Lotus Elite

Lead image by Brian Caldersmith, images with thanks to Brian Caldersmith When Brian Caldersmith wrote to us to share his latest portrait work, completed during our nationwide nap time, and included some words on his time together with the lovely Elite featured in it, I asked if he’d be interested in sharing a couple stories. A few days later, I … Read More

Vale: Fred Vogel

Fred Vogel

Artwork by Brian Caldersmith We are sad to share the news of the passing of Fred Vogel in early June. Fred was a founding member of the HSRCA, Club Lotus Australia member and an icon in the motorsport community. Please read on for a farewell, thanks to Brian Caldersmith.

Video: Remembering Amaroo Park with the HSRCA

In July of 2018, the HSRCA held a social evening that saw them getting together to celebrate the history of Amaroo Park. They’ve since put a recording of the presentation up on YouTube, and you can view it below.