Ashton’s President’s Prattle for August, 2020

Elite with an Elise

Hello everyone! After many months of slowdown, July started to feel more normal, and even more so as we got back on the track AND got back into the social scene. First up was the first Lotus Australia Lotus On Track day of the year on Saturday the 18th, which was preceded by an open track day on the Friday. … Read More

Lotus Photos: July 2020 Lotus Cars Australia Lotus on Track Day

Lotus On Track July 2020

Photos thanks to Brett Stevens & Seth Reinhardt After several months of downtime following the cancellation of CSCA 2020 round two, we were all of a sudden on full song on Saturday the 18th of July, with a Lotus On Track Day hosted by Lotus Cars Australia at Wakefield Park and CSCA 2020 round three at Pheasant Wood Circuit offering … Read More

Round Wrap-Up: CSCA 2020 Round 3 at Pheasant Wood Circuit

Club Lotus at CSCA 2020 Round 3, Pheasant Wood Circuit

After Round 2 of the CSCA sprints was cancelled due to COVID-19 logistics, Round 3 was well supported by 61 competitors who were eager to get back on track. The MG Car Club of Newcastle did a fantastic job of understanding the Motorsport Australia and Government COVID guidelines to host a very successful and safe event at Pheasant Wood Circuit … Read More

Lotus Photos: July 2020 Tyre Kick at Kokoda Cafe

Club Lotus Australia Tyre Kick & Coffee July 2020

On Sunday, the 19th of July 2020, after a busy weekend of motorsport and a much less busy break from the outside world, a small group of Club Lotus Australia members got together at Kokoda Cafe for the return of our Tyre Kick & Coffee.

Ashton’s President’s Prattle for July, 2020

President's Prattle

Hey there! We appear to be gradually regaining some sense of normality as the country (except Victoria) starts to get used to the new normal post-COVID. Social distancing is likely to be with us for a while yet (likely until either COVID is eradicated and/or a vaccine is available. The good news is that we are now allowed to drive … Read More

Ashton’s President’s Prattle for June, 2020

President's Prattle

Apologies for the late arrival of CC this month – entirely my fault, and due to an abnormally high workload in my ‘real’ job causing me to fail to realise it is nearly mid June. As we start to see the relaxation of restrictions around movement and congregation, it is encouraging to see that car clubs generally are starting to … Read More

A Long Affair: The Story of a Long and Happy Relationship with a Lotus Elite

Brian Caldersmith and his Lotus Elite

Lead image by Brian Caldersmith, images with thanks to Brian Caldersmith When Brian Caldersmith wrote to us to share his latest portrait work, completed during our nationwide nap time, and included some words on his time together with the lovely Elite featured in it, I asked if he’d be interested in sharing a couple stories. A few days later, I … Read More

Catching Up with our 2019 CSCA Drivers Champion Rex Hodder

Rax Hodder 2019 CSCA Drivers Champion

The 2019 CSCA Drivers’ Championship was won by Rex Hodder, who piloted his 2004 S2 Lotus Exige to victory ahead of a very closely-matched duel between Martin Duursma and Liam Sheppard. We caught up with Rex to share some of his history.