Catching Up on the WA Lotus & State Sprint Championships

CLA WA March Motorsport

Catch up on all the motorsport action in Western Australia thanks to these reports by Eddie Lankhorst.

Thanks to Eddie Lankhorst

WA Lotus Championship – Round 1

On a pleasant Sunday 7th February we held our first round of the WA Lotus Championship at the RAC driver training centre. The results are:

Driver Class Fastest Time
Richard Cooper B 3:11:756
Steve Metlitzky A 3:11:252
Paul Bui B 3:27:687
Alan Watkins A 3:40:307

State Sprint Championship – Round 1

Sunday 13th March was a very hot day for the track. Air temperatures reached 41deg and track temps exceeded 57deg, so we knew our cars were going to be challenged with the heat. Thankfully no casualties but lots of fun!

It was the inaugural outing for Graeme Martin in his “Frankenstein” Elise S1 and he drove like a true race car driver.  It was also two years since Kevin had been on the race track. His first runs were conservative but he soon got his mojo back and recorded a fast time. We all saw some impressive driving from Paul Bui who managed to find another 5 sec improvement on his last run for the day.  Well done to all who competed.

Driver Class Fastest Time
Steve Metlitzky A 3:10:564
Graeme Martin A 3:12:505
Andrew Graham A 3:14:247
Kevin Fitzmaurice A 3:21:728
Paul Bui B 3:22:099
Eddie Lankhorst A 3:23:507
John Edmondson B 3:31:982

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