President’s Prattle: June

President's Prattle

Welcome to June – already!

Well May has rushed past in a bit too much of a hurry, and I am writing this in Dubai Airport, en route to London, and thence by ferry to Santander for the start of the 2014 Guild of Motor Endurance Rally, which starts on Sunday (18th May). So please accept apologies for the brevity of this one – I will try and make up for it with a detailed report from the rally next month (assuming we don’t ignominiously depart the race like last time!)

May has been a lovely month, with several great events; we had the (now gazetted) Cars & Coffee event up at Terrey Hills on 4th, with a great turnout of cars, largely due to the fact that for only the second time this year on the first Sunday of the month, it wasn’t raining!

I hope someone got some shots, as I failed dismally to remember my camera.

Then I had to be over in Perth last week for work, so at the last minute managed to organise to catch up with a few of the WA crew for a pizza – thanks to Eddie and Vicky, Richard and Peter for organising it, and it was lovely to see you all, albeit so briefly. And it rained!

I gather the first ‘karts we have organised for some time was a huge success, and many thanks to James Chan for organising this in among all the work and domestic duties he has! It sounds as though fun was had by all, and relatively few injuries were sustained, which is always good to hear. My apologies I was AWOL – work has been a bit busy of late, which is great, just not ideal just before I leave the country for two weeks!

And of course Targa Tasmania has been and gone for another year – hoping for a report next month.

June looks to be a busy month; we have three rounds of the CSCA sprints, starting on the first weekend at SMP (Jags), then two weeks later at the South Circuit (MG), and two weeks after that at Wakefield; the last of these, the Healy Round on Saturday 28th, coincides with the next Simply Sports Cars LOTD at Wakefield on the Friday (27th), and the All British Day on the Sunday (29th), thus making up a fantastic weekend of racing/driving – I look forward to seeing lots of you there, and it sounds as though a few interstaters will probably be joining us! And I am pleased to report that the engine is back in the Elise, so I will be campaigning that this time, instead of the Elan!

Social events for the month include Cars and Coffee on Sunday 1st (when some of us will be at Eastern Creek), and a visit to Garagetek in Tempe for the General Meeting on 10th – these guys produce some fine garage accessories, and have been kind enough to offer some good discounts on the night (and subsequently), so come along and see what the garage could look like!

And they are calling my flight now, so better sign off and go. Have a great month, I look forward to seeing you out there one way or the other, and in the meantime keep safe, right side up and on the black stuff.

Pip pip,

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