June 2014 SSC Track Day Video Wrap-Up

Lotus Only Day

Each year Simply Sports Cars runs a Lotus Only Track Day at Wakefield Park. And they’re without fail some of the most fun we get up to with our Lotuses at the track.

This year was no exception, with quick, classy and competitive driving all ’round.

Thanks to the wonders of action cameras, the boys have been sharing their circuitside exploits on Aussie Elises, so we’ve gathered them all up for you to enjoy here!


Geoff Noble – 2004 S2 Elise with a supercharged Honda engine



Nathan – S1 Elise with Honda K20A conversion

Mark O’Connor

Tim Mackie in Mark O’Connor’s car – 2005 Lotus Exige with SSC TVS Supercharger kit

Ian Peters

Chris Weddle

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