Photo Gallery: Our First Social Event – 29th July 1973

CLA Social event 29 July 1973

These photos were taken at the first Club Lotus Australia social event on the 29th of July, 1973. They’re at the Crossroads Pub – the meeting place for a day excursion to the Camden Aero Museum.

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  1. These photos have jogged the memory bank. The S3 pre-aeroflow coupe belonged to Bruce Tandy, the S4 coupe is Bill Wade’s and the Plus 2 is mine. The Elites belonged to Spencer Bates and Adrian Schagen and I think the Mk2 Lotus Cortina was Steve Fryer’s.
    I followed Adrian down the Hume Highway and as a young bloke at the time was surprised that a middle-aged gentleman would be cruising at 100 miles an hour wherever possible. Was also surprised that a spindly, spoofy Elite was capable of such performance.

    Norm Smith. Member No 4.

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