Lotus Photos: October 2014 Early Morning Run Western Australia

Lotus Run

In which our friends from Western Australia take their Lotuses for a run through the Perth hills to Jarrahdale and on to explore the wonders of the West Australian Racing Museum.

It’s hard to get better than a weekend morning spent with friends and family, coffee and Lotuses on the open road! For this run we headed south through the Perth hills to Jarrahdale where we stopped to fill up with coffee. From there it was through the Serpentine Dam and on to the West Australia Racing Museum.

The W.A. Racing Museum is a private museum run by Neil McCrudeon which features a lovely collection of historic racing machinery. The display area is used by historic racing enthusiasts to house racing cars from different eras and flavours of racing history.

Each car is in working order and raced regularly, which we love to see! In 2013 nine of the cars were shipped via container to Ireland to race, and they’ve competed all around the world over the years.

Enjoy the photos! We hope to see you at a run soon!

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