2014 CSCA Round 6 Wrap-Up and Point Score Update

Round 6 of the 2014 CSCA championship was held at Wakefield Park on the 26th of October and standings are close as we head to the final round of the year!

Club Lotus Australia has bolted from the pack in the club championship, leaving TSOA and MGCCN equal on points for second place with the last round to sort it.

MGCC and JDCA are separated by two points for 5th, with a slim chance of catching SCCA. As it’s SCCA’s round, one would hope they have plenty of their own runners to keep them safe in 4th.

There are still a number of classes undecided.

The drivers championship looks safe for Mark Alexander, but if he has a problem and gets pushed down a few places in class, Rex Hodder and Syd Reinhardt are in with a chance. It’s even mathematically-possible to have a three way tie!

If any of the ladies in marque cars who have run previously this season run again in the final round they are in with a strong a chance of winning that trophy. At present we have no representative in the Ladies Championship. Someone must have a wife girlfriend daughter who is trusted to drive their Lotus!

Entries are open for the final round, which will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on the 14th of December, 2014. Head to the CAMS Motor Event website by clicking this handy link and enter – it promises to be an interesting event!

Mike Basquil

Download the updated scores below.

2014CSCA Pointscores as at Round 6

2014 CSCA Drivers Pointscore as at Round 6 [PDF]

2014 CSCA Club Pointscore as at Round 6 [PDF]

2014 CSCA Class Pointscore as at Round 6 [PDF]

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