Lotus Photos: Rohan Hodge at Historic Winton

Lotus Elan Winton Historics

Rohan Hodge enjoys Historic Winton in his beautiful little Elan in these photos from the 2014 event.

It’s wonderful to see him out there in the Elan doing what it does best! Enjoy!

Thanks to Rohan Hodge for the photographs.

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  1. I raced both an Elan and a Super 7 in the sixties, at places like Towac Park (I still hold the open sports car lap record here in my Elan. (It was their final meeting!) Warwick Farm, Oran Park, Catalina Park, Bathurst, Amaroo, Surfers Paradise (1st Rothman’s 12 hour Race in the Elan) I also raced a Tony Simmons Hustler , my quickest car, a Col Weir unsorted Welsor, my worst car! a Cortina GT. I would dearly love to own a Lotus Cortina or a sixties Elan S2

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