SSC Lotus Only Day Winton Raceway Video Wrap-Up

Lotus Only Day

Image thanks to Mark O’Connor

Dim the lights, break out the popcorn, prepare a movie-sized serving of your favourite beverage and settle down to catch up with the action at Simply Sports Cars’ Lotus Only Day at Winton.

The Simply Sports Cars Lotus Only Day was held at Winton over the 14th and 15th of November, 2014, and served up two brilliant days of Lotus motoring at the fun and challenging track. We’d like to thank Simply Sports Cars and all of the volunteers for a well-organised and run event, and everyone involved for their participation and respectful, safe and speedy driving!

Lotus Only Track Day

Image thanks to Piet-Jan Slingerland

As it is wont to do, enthusiasm about the weekend’s adventures has bubbled out into the internet and our community has been bantering back and forth throughout the week and sharing the good times. Below you’ll be able to hop on-board with some of the crew to enjoy the action first hand.

Thanks to all for sharing their adventures, and for being a respectful and fun group to spend a weekend with!

The next Lotus Only Track Day is tentatively planned for April of 2015 – contact PJ at Simply Sports Cars for more information, and stay tuned to this spot!

Lotus Only Track Day

Image thanks to Piet-Jan Slingerland

Lotus Only Track Day

Image thanks to Andrew Stevens

Craig D
Race 2

Race 2 part 2

Damian H
Race 2

Ian P
Race 1

Race 3

Run 4

Martin D
Race 1

Race 2

Mark O

Simply Sports Cars

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  1. It was a fantastic event. Add more superlatives (20 or so) and that might sum it up! Definitely a fan of one of the greatest Lotus based shows in Australia. If anyone is ever wondering about attending one of these just ask any of the attendees and the wondering will stop. We even attracted a large number of spectators that caught the bug I am sure after just a few minutes.

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