Lotus Photos: Club Lotus Australia CSCA Round 1

The first round of 2015’s CSCA sprints was held at Wakefield Park on the 22nd of March, and we have photos!

This year’s inaugural round of the CSCA sprint series got off to a flying start, with very grateful thanks to Mike Basquil and his army of volunteers who made the day go so smoothly.

The weather was perfect, giving us a cool, sunny and dry day uncharacteristic of Goulburn’s meteorological quirks. Times were quick from the offset, and the usual banter in the paddock all helped set the series off to a great start.

Many thanks indeed to all the CLA team involved in making this day happen – it was an honour to participate in such a fun day of motorosport!

Full results available on the Natsoft website here.

Check out the Lotus sprinting action on the classic New South Wales track in this lovely little gallery by Ashton Roskill.

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