President’s Prattle: March

President's Prattle

Please read this!

This might seem like a statement of the obvious, but I have had numerous complaints from members not knowing about what’s going on when details have been clearly provided in the newsletter and on the website. We can’t do more than that I’m afraid.

We’ve been a busy Club. Work’s kicked off the year a bit silly, but also most importantly from a Club perspective, 2015 has kicked off with a bang.

The first weekend in February saw a large group of us head north from Sydney to meet the LOST contingent (Lotus and Other Similar Thoroughbreds) just south of Newcastle. The trip up was a hoot (I took the Elan for a breath of fresh air) and the run back was even funnier (chasing rather startled motorcyclists up the Old Pacific Highway – they weren’t expecting to get the chivvy on from a 50-year-old sports car). And in between a convivial and delicious breakfast with the LOST crew – lovely to see you all.

Top of the Class comes the winning Lotus Exige V6 at the Bathurst 12hr over the second weekend of February. This is fast becoming (or perhaps has become) the best weekend of accessible high-class motorsport on the calendar, and this year almost 30 CLA members made the trek out there. Many congratulations to Lee Knappett and the team at Simply Sports Cars for the record-breaking preparation of the car (the chassis was only delivered four weeks before the race), and to Tony Allford, Mark O’Connor and Peter Leemhuis for successfully piloting it home in one piece and at the front of their class.

Congratulations also to both John Tarran and Jake Hobbs for taking on the mountain in the Formula Ford support class.

Our General Meeting and first Committee meeting of the year combined at the Woolwich Pier Hotel (probably the last time we try that – the screaming kids put my hair on end more than once) and the minutes are available on the website in the member’s section. There’s lots planned, so please make sure to keep up to date with the calendar on the website as this is the only place it is now published.

The first of those dates is the 6-8th March, with a run to the Snowy Mountains, staying in Thredbo on the Friday and Saturday nights, enjoying the delights of the road around Mt Kosciuszko on Saturday and home on the Sunday. If you haven’t registered, drop James a line on

Our March General Meeting on the 10th is going to be at Ashton’s Shed. Bring your hard hat to avoid headaches – have a laugh at my expense.

March also sees the first round of the CSCA sprints, with the CLA round on Sunday 22nd March – entries are looking great already (, with most of the usual suspects present, and some new faces joining the fray. Thanks to all of you who support this event – the usual dinner is likely to be at the Astor pub on Saturday night.

Also on 22nd, for those not joining in the fun in Goulburn, there is the opportunity for a Cars & Coffee event up in Kurrajong in the Blue Mountains – 8am in the village – catch up with the local crowd – there are several CLA members likely to be present.

And finally the 29th March will see the sale of a collection of Lotus cars and parts – see the website here for full details, photos and what you need to do to be there if you have a hankering for a restoration project.

Elsewhere you may have read of the relaunch of the Lotus Evora, with a distinctly Lamborghini front end – from the comments I have seen, it will be very much a matter of personal taste, but it is Jean-Marc Gale’s first statement of intent, and based on the build quality, I think it bodes well for Lotus. And it’s lighter and more powerful than its predecessor, which indicates an understanding of the less-is-more ethos so close to ACBCs heart.

I think that’s enough for now – I look forward to seeing you out and about in the car soon.

In the meantime, keep safe, right side up and on the black stuff!

Pip pip,

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