Lotus Photos: June South Coast Brunch Run

CLA South Coast Brunch Run by Nathan Whitteron

Brunch is my favourite meal. It happens later in the morning, which is the best time of the morning, often involves extravagant breakfast foods and usually means that it’s the weekend, or at least a day off. The only way to make it better is to add more Lotuses!

That’s just what we did this Sunday the 21st of June, when we headed off on our brunch run down through the South Coast, enjoying a beautiful winter’s day, good company, great cars and a lovely brunch at Shimmer in Gerringong, where CLA member Simon Kalis is the sous-chef.

Simon, clearly a multi-talented man, and Nathan Whitteron have kindly shared some shots from the day with us, and you can enjoy them below!

For more from Simon, please hit this link to his Flickr page, and do the same to check out more of Nathan’s work on his Flickr page here.

Thanks to Nathan Whitteron

Thanks to Simon Kalis

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