SPYfest Goulburn Looking for Lotuses!

Spyfest Goulburn

SPYfest is to be held this September 25th to 26th in Goulburn, and they’re looking for any and all Lotus vehicles to join in the fun.

SPYfest celebrates the birthplace of Australia’s only James Bond, George Lazenby, with a festival of everything spy. George Lazenby will be in Goulburn for the event, which will put on a street parade featuring Bond Cars, Bond Girls, marching bands, Spies on Stilts street theatre, Spy Dogs, Spy Kids and more!

After the parade, festivities will continue in Belmore Park and Montague Street, with a Show & Shine held in front of Court House, a Crime Writers Q & A, Music to Spy By open mic at the Goulburn Club, Shagadelic Disco in the park and the Secret Agents Gala Dinner featuring Sir Sean, Miss Moneypenny and The Strictly Bassey Show with eight piece orchestra.

In particular they’re looking for Lotus Esprits to take part in the parade, but any and all Lotus Vehicles from all eras are welcome to join in.

A launch story is up on the Goulburn Post website here, and you can head www.spyfestgoulburn.com.au for all of the official details.


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