Lotus Photos: 2015 Cootamundra Sprints

Intrepid Club Lotus adventurers Ashton Roskill and Syd Reinhardt are freshly-returned from their road trip to the Cootamundra Sprints, which was held on the 5th of September, and they bring with them tales of a weekend well lived!

Ashton Roskill

Well, Syd and I returned on Sunday evening, tired but very happy, following a hilarious couple of days!

On Friday we set off on the scenic route to the Cootamundra Sprints from Simply Sports Cars, once I had replaced the banana skins I had left on my road wheels with some decent road rubber (AD08s in case you were going to ask!). Our route included a very civilised lunch stop at Tarana, which led on to the very cute and slightly time-warped town of Carcoar.

Saturday morning dawned cool but sunny, and by 8.30 the car park at the Cootamundra Sprints was filling fast – particularly as there was also an All British Day taking place on the grass nearby to the airfield. We were joined by familiar faces and cars, as well as a few surprises!

Cootamundra Sprints 2015 by Ashton-12

The above very pretty Amilcar taught me a thing or two about looking after aluminium bodied cars!

I was particularly glad not to be too close to the engine of the Zephyr Special when it fired up through its very stubby exhausts… With scutineering over, we were soon out on the tarmac. As the temperature climbed, the times slowed slightly, but not before Syd placed third fastest on the day in the 12s, and somehow I managed a 14.09.

Sunday morning was bright to start with, clouding over a bit as Syd and I wandered around the Swap Meet (aka a load of rusting artifacts for sale to the highest bidder – or any bidder in many cases!).

After our wander we we headed home via this hilarious piece of road. Following breakfast at the Long Track Pantry in Jugiong, and a brief stop to watch the Jugiong Muster, it was back via the Boring Hume to Sydney.

But what a weekend of fun – great roads, fascinating cars, lovely people, and fine weather. What more could we ask for?

We hope to do it all again next year – with a larger Club Lotus Australia contingent!

Cootamundra Sprints 2015 by Syd-13

Syd Reinhardt

This turned out to be the nicest weekend that I’d had for a long time, even though I had to cope with Ashton’s unbelievably quick reaction times. Man, is he fast!

We took the road less travelled through the mountains, had an absolute blast taking our time, found more twisty bits than on my fishing reel after a cast, and had a social and sociable day on the airfield.

The mix of vehicles competing was a hoot; from little 100 year old bathtubs on bicycle wheels to ginormous Fairlanes with huge superchargers poking up where the bonnet might normally be. The Morgan club had a lot of entries; including the latest Morgan Aero which was surprisingly fast.

Our cars acquitted themselves exceedingly well; smoking a substantial part of the field in fact.

Lining up next to the giant Fairlane I thought “OK, this is a blast, now prepare yourself for getting some sand kicked in your face!” Tee hee. Lots of horsepower turned the Fairlane’s rear tyres into smoke. Honda power did the same to mine, but the Honda had about 2 tonnes less to move. NO CONTEST!! I could not believe it, such fun.

Highly recommended! If we are allowed to enter next year, don’t miss this one!

UPDATE: Enjoy a new set of images of Syd and Ashton in action thanks to Robyn Mackay.

Photos thanks to Syd Reinhardt

Photos thanks to Ashton Roskill

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