Lotus Photos & Report: Eggs Benedict 2015

Well, what a monumentally fun day! Eggs Benedict has been thoroughly enjoyed for 2015, thanks to Anne and Maurice Blackwood, so let’s catch up on what went down illustrated by some magic photos by Simon Kalis.

Huge thanks as always to Anne and Maurice for hosting us, thank you to the weather Gods for keeping the rain at bay (mostly!), and thank you to Simon for acting as photographer-in-chief. And a special thank you to Eddie for coming all the way from Perth to attend! That was WAY beyond the call of duty!!

I am particularly looking forward to seeing the shots of the inaugural round The Buckets – what a blast! With Ed acting as timekeeper and start/finish judge, Dave set the scene in the Evora, demonstrating that wide tyres and lots of power don’t work well on damp grass!

I tried the less-than-subtle approach, and failed miserably on the first run. I didn’t manage much better second time either!

At this stage in the event, the old hands showed that nimble footwork and a more judicious approach wins through. Mike set a very respectable time in the Exige, but then Pete Walker blasted the field with a very smooth run in his Elan, which proved to be unbeatable despite valiant efforts by James Cruikshank in the Elite (which, by the way, gained highest marks for grace and style, if not outright time!), Ed Holly and Stephen Palmer in their Elans, and Chris Reid in his Europa.

The D-D Trophy was awarded by a reasonable margin to Pete Walker. Well done Pete! Well done also to Chris Reid and Steve Palmer who had a shoot-off for the tied second place, resulting in Chris actually bettering Pete’s time (but this was only to decide second and third and couldn’t count towards the original result as they got an extra run!)

Eggs Benedict was, as always, a brilliant day and we can’t thank Anne and Maurice enough for hosting us, putting on such a brilliant event and allowing us to play on their lawn! We can’t wait until next year.

By Ashton Roskill

Images by Simon Kalis – head here for a whole lot more.

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