Reminder! Eggs Benedict 2015 is Going to Be a Lot of Fun!

Eggs Benedict 2015

Just a quick reminder, given all the excitement mounting over Lotus 2015 (and I have just dropped off my car at CEVA so I am just as excited as anyone!) that this Sunday the 27th of September is Eggs Benedict at Anne and Maurice Blackwood’s estate – aka Ebony Hall.

If you haven’t already registered and intend to come along, please drop Anne an email through Seth at

I can confirm that this will be the inaugural running of the John Dawson Damer Trophy Race around the buckets, so come prepared – there are sheep stations at stake (well, a handmade trophy by yours truly anyway!)

Looking forward to seeing you there – apparently there are over 80 attendees already registered – sounds like it could be a blast!!

Ashton Roskill

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