Club Plate News: 60 Day Club Plate Scheme Trial in NSW

From October 1st, the RMS are trialing a “60 Day Club Plate Scheme” for the next two years in New South Wales, and Club Lotus Australia is now registered to enable you to take part in this trial if you would like.

The normal rules of the existing club plate scheme apply except that you will be allowed 60 days of general use instead of the normal restricted use.

All you have to do if you are already on club plates is to go to the RTA and request it by showing:

  • Proof of identity such as a NSW driver licence
  • The current Certificate of Conditional Registration (if available)
  • The current Certificate of Approved Operations (if available)
  • A completed Change of Records (PDF, 223Kb) to have the vehicle’s conditions updated.

At this stage the club plate 60 day rego cost is the same at about $68 with the same low cost insurance as well. There is no cost to existing members that choose to use the log book trial.

If you dont have your 30 year old car on club plates and you now want to, contact me, the Public Officer and Club Plate Registrar via the CLA web site, to get assistance.

Maurice Blackwood.

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