Celebrating the Life of Our Friend, Maurice Blackwood

Vale Maurice Blackwood

On Monday the 14th of December, 2015, the Lotus community gathered to celebrate the life of our friend, Maurice Blackwood, at Belgenny Farm in Camden.

Ashton Roskill, who spoke beautifully on the day, would like to share a few words on the morning, illustrated by photos kindly shared by himself and Syd Reinhardt.

Well, Mozzie certainly got the send-off he more than deserved! Over four hundred friends turned up to Belgenny Farm, a place close to his heart. Friends from the RFS, from all times in his life and, of course, a sprinkling of over forty Lotus cars of all models, from early Sevens through Elites and Elans to recent Elises and Exiges joined in.

We cried, we laughed, we exchanged hilarious stories of his antics. We learned more about Maurice, and we said our personal farewells.

The world is a quieter, less colourful place without Mozzie, but in our hearts he will always be there with his unmistakable smile and wonderful warm welcome. Thank you Maurice for everything that you gave us all. God’s speed.

Ashton Roskill

Finally, a thank you for the incredible support of Beyond Blue in memory of Maurice! Your response has been wonderful and is greatly appreciated.

It is still possible to donate through Maurice’s page, which you can get to here: https://beyondblueinmemoriam.everydayhero.com/au/aussie-elises

Thanks to Syd Reinhardt and Ashton Roskill for the following photos of the morning.

By Syd Reinhardt

By Ashton Roskill

2 Comments on “Celebrating the Life of Our Friend, Maurice Blackwood”

  1. Thank you Ashston. You spoke highly of Maurice, an adpt reflection of a morally resolute man. The Blackwood family are a true reflection of life and it’s joys. Maurice has created a legacy that deeply involves Lotus. Thankyou to the Lotus community for their presence, wishes and generosity during the celebration, of a life well lived. Walk Tall. Kim V. Cairns.

  2. Thank you to our Lotus family. The day was spectacular. All that was missing was Mozzie. Imagine going through life without a hobby!

    Just a little background into Belgenny. It was the original home of John Macarthur. In fact he never lived in the better known Camden Park as he died before construction was complete.

    Maurice was passionate about the history of the Camden/Menangle area and was a fighter to preserve its significant historical value along with appropriate development. He loved Belgenny and they loved him donating the use of the venue in his memory. Calculations by Belgenny put the final attendance at nearer to 600. What a tsunami our Mozzie was pulling people into path.

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