UPDATE: Conditional Registration & Club Plates Scheme

Following the passing of Maurice Blackwood, Alan Pate and Keith Edwards have kindly offered to take on the role of Club Plates Officers. They’ve kindly put together an update on the Conditional Registration and Club Plates scheme, and you can read that below!

Club Lotus Australia will continue to support members who opt to put their vehicles on this scheme.

Due to our recent sad loss of Maurice Blackwood, we have appointed committee members Alan Pate & Keith Edwards to jointly continue managing the scheme as our Plates Officers.

It is worthwhile restating the rules that apply;

Vehicles must be over 30 years old to be eligible and be capable of obtaining a “Pink Slip” from a registered inspector.

The Certificate of Conditional Registration from the Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) will be accompanied by a “Historic Vehicle Declaration” form that should be completed with member and car details and the Safety Inspection Report (pink slip). Both these should be sent to the Club Plates Officers (at either address below) for ensuring the member is financial and the car details are correct. It will be stamped and returned to the member for submission to NSW RMS.

In certain circumstances one of the Club Plates Officers may accept a “Club Lotus Club Plate Roadworthy Declaration” form which is a signed declaration by the club member owner of the vehicle that it has been checked by the owner who declares it to be roadworthy. This is at the discretion of the Club Plates Officers.

Trial 60 Day Log Book Scheme

At present the NSW RMS is trialling a “60 Day Log Book” system which allows for “movement” of Conditionally Registered vehicles while obviating the need for members to inform Club Officials when needing to go on longer trips than “local servicing” runs that are not gazetted. Gazetted events are those appearing on the Club Website Calendar. For members not yet signed up for this scheme, Alan & Keith will continue to enter authorised movements in a Journal, so that members should continue to advise Alan or Keith of impending longer trips. The outcome of the Log Book trial will be passed on as soon as it is finalised and as CLA is a participating club, individual members are welcome to join the trial; you need to take your rego docs to the RMS for conversion (at no additional cost).


To contact Alan or Keith just drop them a note through the contact page here, or send Seth an email from this handy link!

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