Lotus Photos: A Few from the March Tyre Kick & Coffee

March Tyre Kick & Coffee

On the third Sunday of each month we get together to kick tyres, catch up and enjoy a coffee in Gough Whitlam Park in Tempe. Sunday the 20th of March was one such day, so that’s what we did! Read on for a few words and photos from Ashton.

Considering the weather forecast (and subsequent arrival of said weather) we were really lucky with how our morning turned out!

It was lovely to see Ken with his Plus 2, Trevor in his sparkling Evora and George in his, unbelievably, nearly 9 year old Elise S2. It was great fun to line up my Elan with Daniel’s MX5 and see just how tiny it really is! And the artist in me managed to get the cars to colour alternate 🙂

Shame the Subaru wouldn’t move, but at least he was colour co-ordinated!

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