Lotus Photos: Palm Beach Road Trippin’

Lotus Palm Beach Road Trip

Gordon Taylor has kindly sent us some shots from a recent Palm Beach road trip with Vaughan Stibbard in their Elans. Check ’em out, and get inspired for your next road trip!

One of the great joys of Lotuses, and sportscars in general, is hopping behind the wheel on a beautiful morning and hitting the road to see where it takes you. Just driving for the joy of it.

I think we’d all like to do it more often!

If you’ve been having adventures in your Lotus and would like to share them with the Club, drop Seth an email and say ‘Hi!’

One Comment on “Lotus Photos: Palm Beach Road Trippin’”

  1. I saw these two lovely cars at Palm Beach when I arrived on my by bicycle. Stopped to take pics but the owners had disappeared so i couldnt chat :-/

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