Please Support the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex

Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex

Motorcycling NSW has been working on the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex over the last few years and making steady progress. They’ve now submitted a development application, and it needs our support!

The Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex will provide a multi-faceted motorsport facility to support motorsport competition, driver and rider training and community projects in New South Wales.

With the loss of Amaroo Park and Oran Park, New South Wales’ existing motorsport venues, basically Sydney Motorsport Park and Wakefield Park at this point, have taken on the significant demand of NSW’s motorsport needs. This has resulted in limited track availability, rising venue hire costs for promoters and ultimately higher costs for competitors and enthusiasts, and fewer options for safe and controlled competition.

The Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex has been progressing well and the team have now submitted the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex Development Application and received notice that it has now been formally presented in public exhibition.

At the conclusion of this exhibition there will be a determination as to whether the project can proceed. There is a $9.5 million grant reliant on the outcome of this application.

Shoalhaven City Council requires written submissions to be made by close of business on the 28th of March, 2016. Submissions can be made via the following avenues:


Online: Shoalhaven City Council website (, click on “DA Tracking” on the right hand side of the front page, enter RA14/1000 – click on show, scroll all the way down the page to the “contact us about this application” button. You will also see all the submitted project information here.

Post: General Manager, Shoalhaven City Council, PO Box 42 Nowra NSW 2541


For more information on the Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex hit their website here. And if you need any assistance, please do contact them as they are more than happy to help.

This is an opportunity to support not only this project, but motorsport in New South Wales and our wonderful community. We wish the team all the best!

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