Rob Bryden Announced As Senate Candidate for the Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party

Rob Bryden AMEP

Long-time Club Lotus Australia member, tidy steerer and all-round good guy Rob Bryden has been announced as the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s number 1 senate candidate in the upcoming July 2nd election.

Rob has worked with road accident victims for many years, and through this become involved in road safety policy development in New South Wales. Through his work the Safer Learner Drivers Course was developed to better educate learners practically and reduce the risk of them developing behaviours which lead to the high rates of p-plater road injuries and fatalities.

He’s also helped to facilitate the removal of some 34 speed cameras that could not be demonstrated as reducing accidents or improving road safety.

You can read more about Rob and his policy on his website here, and keep up with him on Facebook here.

Read on for the official release detailing his announcement as Australian Motor Enthusiast Party NSW senate candidate, and keep him in mind when making your decisions on polling day.

Robert Bryden Announced as AMEP Number 1. NSW Senate Candidate In the July 2nd 2016 Election

Rob’s Message to the NSW Electorate
“My name is Rob Bryden, I want to represent you as your independent AMEP voice in Canberra.

The major parties can no longer be trusted – they are not listening. They are not doing what is best for our country, they are doing what is best for themselves and the narrow interest groups which control them.

We need decisions in Canberra being made based on what is best for all. I pledge to vote independently on each issue after weighing up the pros and cons to come to the best decision, just like you do every day at home and at work.

That is what common sense is all about and that is what we need in Canberra.”

Statement from AMEP Party Leader Senator Ricky Muir
“Rob is very well known around Australia for his dedication to improving road safety through better funding for main roads and highway and improved driver training.

Rob has also founded and managed one of Australia’s leading personal injury law firms and his experience managing both corporate and not-for-profit organisations will be incredibly valuable to the people of New South Wales,” Mr Muir said.

About Robert Bryden
Rob is a prominent & highly successful personal injury lawyer who after 30 years and some 32,000 cases, exited his specialist legal business. This has allowed him to follow his passion and immerse himself in areas of policy, protecting Australians, cars, motor cycles, and sports and the rights of others.

Rob developed a Road Safety Policy which was largely adopted by the current NSW Government and Roads Minister. This directly resulted in the introduction of the Safer Learners Drivers Course in NSW, a course designed to train young drivers about Risk Identification and Risk Avoidance; vital considering the massive over representation of P-Plate drivers in accident statistics. Rob’s commitment to the NSW people will bring common sense and experience to the arena, qualities that the political major parties lack.


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  1. Congratulations Rob. The confidence in your appointment is proof that sensible perspectives and hard work result in good outcomes. I wish you all the best and I know we will be better represented and better off due to your efforts and how you will face the challenges ahead.

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