Ashton’s President’s Prattle for July, 2017

President's Prattle


We have five important topics that I would like to present to you for dissection and, hopefully, discussion this month.

Topic Number One – Politics

I wish I could admit to being happier about that which is going on in the world politically at the moment, but to be honest I am a bit fed up by it all.

By the time you read this we will have voted in the next Australian government. With good fortune and a following wind, Rob Bryden will have secured a seat in the Senate for the Australian Motor Enthusiasts Party. If not, he has conducted a robust and remarkable campaign and I wish him well in the work he is doing to represent motorists in parliament.

Brexit, on the other hand, is a very different kettle of fish. And it’s one that both smells a bit like that kettle, and is going to carry on causing the UK significant pain for a long time to come. I can only watch from the sidelines and pray that the leavers get a workable plan together quick smart.

What happens in the US is anyone’s guess, but I really hope that they don’t stuff it up!

On to a Happier Note – Lotus 2017

Lotus 2017 plans are well up and running, which is great to see. If you’ve not booked your accommodation yet, get a shuffle on because the rooms at the George Kerford Hotel are booking up fast! Full details are available at

Celebrating the 60th Birthday of Lotus Elevens

The recent HSRCA Sydney Retro Racefest was a wonderful weekend. It was great to see so many familiar faces, and to see members of the Club out there on the track (Daniel Bando and Syd Reinhardt take a bow!).

And by hook and crook we managed to get six of the twelve Australian Lotus Elevens lined up in the sunshine, which was great fun. If you’ve not seen the photos, have a look on here on the site, and on our Facebook page here.

Personally, it was a great privilege to meet the other owners and to forge a close friendship with them over the weekend. I hope we can get together more often.

Simply Sports Cars

Simply Sports Cars very kindly sponsored our marquee at Retro Racefest, and brought along a lovely lineup of cars. These included the brand new Evora 400 which, having driven one in the UK recently, I can attest is a stunning motorcar – and it sounds like a real sports car too!

Since their appointment as the importer, the team at SSC have been very actively progressing their vision for the Lotus brand here in Australia, and at the Lotus Only Track Day on June 24th, they introduced their brand ambassador Grant Denyer (who’s not only a handy peddler but also a lovely bloke) and announced that they will be key sponsors for Targa High Country and Targa Tasmania.

Currently there are 15 Lotus cars entered in Targa High Country, so if you fancy joining in the fun, it should be a gas! I have entered the Eleven in the Tour category, in case you need a laugh. And, better yet, if you fancy being my navigator give me a bell!

We have not had such a strong and valuable relationship with a Lotus Distributor in Australia since the days of Geoghegans’ involvement. It is wonderful to see Simply Sports Cars’ enthusiasm for the brand, not to mention their immense technical excellence in supporting our cars!

Finally, on the Future of General Meetings

As I write this, I am waiting to hear back from Classic Throttle Shop (Rory’s been over at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the lucky chap) to confirm our July General Meeting, currently scheduled for Wednesday the 20th of July.

I can confirm that Bruce Mansell has kindly agreed to host us on Wednesday the 17th of August at his shed in Chatswood. Please mark both of these dates in your diaries, and come along to support the kind hosts of these events!

We recognize that with work and family commitments getting out of the house on a weekday evening (particularly in the middle of winter), and are hard at work developing a social meeting schedule that’s a better fit members’ daily lives in 2016. If these two occasions fail to achieve good representation, we will have to concede defeat and will focus on our monthly Tyre Kick and Coffee, to be held on the 17th for July, with intermittent social events throughout the year.

We will make that decision at the AGM, which will be held this year on Wednesday the 21st of September.

That’s about it for this month! Your committee is meeting on the 9th of July to confirm the next twelve months of activities. If you have anything that you would like added to the agenda, please drop me a line!

Otherwise I hope to see you out and about and, in the mean time, keep safe, upright and on the black stuff!

Pip pip,

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