Lotus Photos: Newcastle LOST Fraternity July Run

Lost Fraternity July Run

Enjoy these lovely photos from the Newcastle LOST Fraternity’s July 10 Sunday morning run.

The Newcastle LOST Fraternity was started a few years ago when a group of Newcastle Lotus owners realised that there was a healthy collection of Lotuses out and about in Newcastle. They started making contact with owners to bring everyone together, and had soon formed a fraternity of Lotus (and similar thoroughbreds) people.

They’re a relaxed crew who get together for social coffees and various runs, and just to enjoy their cars. If you’re based in Newcastle or are just interested in catching up with the guys, send me an email and I’ll put you in touch.

Their next event will be at the Jaguar Club’s All British Day on Saturday the 30th of July. Hit this link for details.

These pics are from their run last Sunday morning, thanks to Jack McLaughlin.



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