Lotus Photos & Report: July All Fibreglass Car Run

Club Lotus All Fibreglass Run

This lovely report and photo gallery from the Western Australia run from Morley to the Perth Hills comes thanks to Steve Pretzel and John Edmondson.

By Steve Pretzel and John Edmondson

“Plastic Fantastics” was the theme of Sunday’s run from Morley to the Perth Hills, and a much larger than expected contingent of fibreglass bodied vehicles assembled at the Mean Machines Eatery for the obligatory coffee and greetings.

Corvettes dominated the run, with at least a dozen examples ranging from 1958 to present day. Their cousins, the Cobras, were next most numerous, then there were the rest.  A couple of Marcoses (Marci?), three Reliant Scimitars, a lone Bolwell, a rally spec Renault Alpine, a TVR, a JBA and a Grinnall Scorpion (look it up!).

Robyn and John took along their red S2 and white S3 Elises and met up with Steve and his daughter Ellie in their 2zz powered orange S2 Elise SC.

There was quite a collection of cars already at Mean Machine cafe when we arrived. Some of the cars I had never seen before.

First stop was the Parkerville Tavern, where we noted the opening hours of 11.30am (we arrived just after 10.30) and all stood around out the front for half an hour until one creative thinker discovered that the place actually was open.  More coffee ensued.

Next stop was a beautifully presented private collection of Renaults. What looks like a common garden-variety colourbond shed from the outside conceals a museum quality display of rare Renaults, a Renault Formula 1 replica and a huge assortment of motor-memorabilia. One of the cars is a Renault Spyder – a car which, according to the owner, was effectively killed off by the lighter, faster and presumably cheaper Lotus Elise.  Happily, he bears no grudge against Lotus owners!

His passion for Renaults extends well beyond cars as well. Just beyond the garden is a former Transperth Renault bus, with the interior decked out like a ’60s Diner.  Must be paradise for the grandkids.

From there it was on to the Chidlow Tavern for lunch. Unfortunately there was a long queue for food and we had a prior commitment so we had to say our goodbyes at that point.

While the actual driving was secondary on this run, the perfect clear winter’s day and the opportunity to mix it with a diverse collection of cars made the Fibreglass Run a memorable experience.  Convenor, Greg Morris, intends to call another run in October.  Maybe Loti can outnumber the Corvettes next time!

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