Quokka Talk for July 2016

Club Lotus All Fibreglass Run

Catch up on all the Lotus news in Western Australia thanks to Eddie Lankhorst’s latest edition of Quokka Talk, for July, 2016.

By Eddie Lankhorst

Since we last caught up we have enjoyed early morning runs to York and the Western Australia Racing Museum. Both were well attended and included some new Lotus owners. We welcome to Steve Pretzel and his Orange S2 Elise SC which was rescued from country Victoria, and Mike and Ellie with their new Red S3 Elise S.

It is always difficult to find new and exciting EMR routes and locations and I envy the eastern states, who enjoy a vast selection of roads and locations compared to WA. But I think we have such a fabulous core group of enthusiasts that it doesn’t really matter where we end up we will always have fun enjoying our cars and the company of like minded people.

We were saddened by the recent news that the RAC track, which is beside the airport, industrial estate and a freight railway, was ordered by the Government to cease motor sport at the track due to noise complaints!!! As such our last round of our championship was cancelled and the future is as yet unknown.  I certainly hope that a solution is quickly found for the sake of motor sport in Perth, as well as driver education and related activities.

WA Lotus Club Championship

By Eddie Lankhorst

The tally for championship points so far are: (10 points for attendance, plus 10 points for 1st, 8 for 2nd and 5 for 3rd )

We have got:

  • Graeme Martin at 107
  • Kevin Fitzmaurice at 60
  • Eddie Lankhorst at 63
  • Steve Metlitzky at 113
  • John Edmondson at 30
  • Richard Cooper at 38
  • Mark Thrift at 10
  • Vicky Rowe at 30

The competition between 1st and 2nd is hotly contested and all other places are up for grabs by anyone, as long as MC Motorsport State Sprints and Club Sprints continue.

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