Lotus Photos: 2016 Concours d’Elegance & All British Day at King’s School

All British Day & Concours d'Elegance

On Sunday the 28th of September we got together at King’s School to be a part of the massive annual All British Day, hold our Concours d’Elegance and enjoy a lovely day in the Spring sunshine.

The All British Day is held at King’s School in North Parramatta each year. It brings together New South Wales’ British car clubs and the hundreds of British motor vehicles, from the rare and quirky to the everyday drivers, that comprise them. With its generally spectacular turnout, it’s a lovely opportunity to wander around, check out some very cool machinery and chat with fellow fans of British automobiles.

This year’s event was no exception. After a mildly-concerning mid-week drenching the sun came out, dried out the venue and put on an absolutely spectacular day on Sunday. Many a relaxed Sunday picnic was enjoyed in the sunshine and we thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

As we did the excellent Club Lotus Australia turnout. The cars were all beautifully prepared and looked magnificent in the sunshine. Thanks to all who got involved and put in the hard work preparing their cars!

Thanks as well to everyone involved in the organising of the event, particularly Elliott for his hard work, as well as our judges.

Enjoy the photos below, and we’ll see you for another sunny Springtime adventure soon!

Thanks to Ashton Roskill

Thanks to Seth Reinhardt

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