Eddie Lankhorst’s Quokka Talk for Mid-October, 2016

Quokka Talk October 2016

Catch up on all the news in Western Australia, thanks to the latest edition of Eddie Lankhorst’s Quokka talk.

By Eddie Lankhorst

Last month I made mention of the closure of the RAC Driver Training centre and our much loved race track.  In the meantime a group have been busy working on ways to keep this facility open.  The latest being a submission of Noise Management action plan to the authorities. If this gets passed then who knows, we may get our track back as an independent business.  I certainly hope this comes to fruition.

We have had a busy and active October so far.

Our first event was the Fibreglassics run, which had a selection of cars including Marcos, Corvettes and 5 Lotii.  We dominated the group in more ways than one, making me proud of our turnout.  The first stop was Fiora Machinery where the owner proudly displayed a selection of Austin 7s and a few other specialist street machines all hand built as side line to his machinery business.  The final stop was a further 80k to Jarrahdale pub for lunch and chatter.

Boab Tree Meet 'n Eat October 2016

Next we had our Boab Meet & Eat, regularly held on the second Monday of each month, and each meet is a guess as to how many cars will turn up.  To my surprise, we had 10 cars and their owners plus.  After a wait for Steve Metlitzky, we got the call that his car started playing up about five km from home so he abandoned his visit and returned home. So without Steve, we headed off for a drive around the Swan River and finished at the Como Hotel.  Great cars, great company and good food made for a fantastic night.

Always a bit out of time, but on 22nd and 23rd Oct we plan to visit the Shannons Perth Classic weekend of racing F5000, and other historic classic racers. So look out for our write up and pictures next month.

Images by, and thanks to, Vicky and Eddie Lankhorst



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