Quokka Talk and the W.A. Christmas Barbecue and Early Morning Run

Western Australia Club Lotus Christmas

All the news from Western Australia, including a wrap-up of the 2016 Christmas Barbecue and early morning run, thanks to Eddie Lankhorst.

Thanks to Eddie Lankhorst

Quokka Talk

Merry Christmas to all our Lotus family of cars, owners and families.  Drive safe and over this crazy period and have a safe and happy new year.

I say this as governments seem less focused on training drivers to drive safe and provide facilities for the community to hone their driving skills.  Here in WA we have already seen the closure of the RAC Driver Training Centre due to some petty noise complaints, now I hear rumblings that the Kwinana Motorplex is in jeopardy with encroaching housing development. May not happen for quite a few years yet, but I do not hear of any plans to build replacement facilities.

So if you are concerned about the future of motorsport in your state (esp WA) I ask you to contact your State and Federal politicians to bring this to their attention.

Western Australia Quokka Talk

WA Lotus Group Christmas BBQ and EMR

T’was the first Sunday of December which saw a group of dedicated Lotus owners and partners gather for a short run around the country side of Perth en route to Mark Dickenson’s lovely country estate. Between some spirited bursts we cruised along the beautiful rolling hill of the Chittering Valley, passing smiling sheep, cows chewing the cud and Emus with their chicks frolicking the meadows.

Upon arrival at our Lunch venue we started with an ice breaker game in store for our guests.  We call this all involving game, Fannies and D**ks, which involves a plunger handle (D**k) between the legs of one side of the team and a toilet roll (fanny) between the legs on the other side (you can picture this in your own mind).

Each side proceeded to run up to meet each other and needed to marry up their parts and pass on the toilet roll to the plunger and run back and drop the roll into a bucket. Very funny to watch and participate in and it especially got people up close and really personal.  This also gave time to cook the meats and prepare the salads.

A lip smacking and delicious lunch was then served and lots of banter proceeded.  Announcements followed before desserts.  Vicky gave a great speech, recognising everyone for their contributions throughout the year, including our Club (cut short) RAC Championship, for which Graeme Martin was awarded the trophy. Congratulations and thanks to all for a great year.

David Nolan, our IT guru and gadget guy was there with his new toy and these are a couple of marvellous photos taken by him.

Merry Christmas to all, from Vicky and Eddie.

Photos thanks to David Nolan and Mike Hamilton

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