Lotus Photos & Report: Lions Club of Gerringong Motor Fest

Gerringong Motor Fest 2017

Images thanks to Gino Valdes

The Gerringong Lions Club’s Gerringong Motor Fest was held this past Saturday, the 18th of February and saw a stunning collection of Lotuses join in the show.

The Club Lotus Australia display included seven cars – two Elise series 2s, a Series 1 elise, two Elans, an Elan +2 and an Evora. It was an enjoyable day all ’round, and we’d like to send our thanks to those who came out to enjoy it with us.

Congratulations to Ken Miller, who won a trophy for ‘Best Performance Car’.

Gerringong Lions Club Best Performance Car

Keith Watson of the Lions Club of Gerringong has sent around a lovely report and thank you, which you can find below. Gino Valdes has also kindly shared some photos from the day, which follow the report.

By Keith Watson

On behalf of the Lions Club of Gerringong I would like to pass on our many thanks to you & your club members for attending the Motor Fest / Car Show Saturday 18th February 2017 here in beautiful Gerringong.

Though the predicted weather may have discouraged a number of cars from venturing out it was great to see in excess of 150 vehicles take the plunge on join us on the day. To those of your club who did turn up we would like you to pass on our hearty thanks. Mother nature did remind us at about 1200 that she was in charge & even though the storm didn’t last very long it did look pretty nasty. Thankfully the threat was worse than the outcome.

The quality & variety of cars on display exceeded our expectations. The owners, drivers & friends who attended all appeared to have enjoyed themselves & many went out of their way to speak with me & other Lions club members to say what a great event it was. Thank you to those people who did so & those of you who committed to email to advise me also we really do appreciate it & we have passed on your kind words to the Lions club volunteers who participated on the day. Many of our volunteers would not qualify themselves as “car” people but I think we may have converted quite a few. So thanks to you, your cars & your people.

Our committee will be having a debrief in a couple of days to discuss our perception of the event & how we could improve for any future event, we do want to make an annual event of it. Don’t hesitate to pass on any advice you may have.

In conclusion. Thank you for your wonderful support which in turn provides us with the opportunity to support the young four year old boy who will be the recipient of all of the Lions Club funds raised via the gate takings, the raffle & donations buckets. In addition donations from Gerringong Lions Junior Football Club & Gerringong Women’s Hockey Club, & the Coffee Truck.

I will speak with you again & hope to see you & your club members if not before then in February 2018.

Kind regards,

Keith Watson
on behalf of the Lions Club of Gerringong

Images thanks to Gino Valdes

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