Ashton’s President’s Prattle: March 2017

President's Prattle

Don’t know about you, but already I am starting to think this that year might be vanishing before my eyes.

Big thanks to the seven stalwarts who braved rather less than perfect weather for the Gerringong Lions Car Show – we scooped two trophies (Ken Miller and Richard Carter – well done gents!) and the photos are on the website. Thanks too to Evan for leading the charge in my absence – a stomach bug picked up in sweaty Brisbane – ’nuff said.

March is upon us, and there is lots to see and do!

Simply Sports Cars has their New Car launch next Tuesday (7th March) so if you haven’t received an invite, call them and invite yourself – you will be most welcome.

CLA hosts the first round of the CSCA sprints down at Wakefield on 11th. As this is the day before my birthday, I have asked the other competitors to be kind enough to let me appear in the top 20 FTD – something tells me that was a red rag to a load of bulls…..

The following weekend is the Phillip Island Histerics, so a number of us will be down there, either racing or (in my case) learning the ropes so that I might get a chance next year

And the 26th March has us invited to Ebony Hall on for Scones and Cream – how frightfully British. We’ll also be running P1 and P2 for September’s Round the Buckets, so come prepared.

Otherwise, life continues apace. Brian Caldersmith’s planning for the mother and father of all Lotus parties is well underway, with expectation for around 100 Lotus cars to attend the Shannons CMC day in August in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the Type 14 Lotus Elite (there will be around 40 of these beautiful cars alone). Since it is also the 60th Anniversary of the Seven and the 50th birthday for the Elan +2, Type 49 and Type 51, there are lots of good reasons to put it in the diary (12th-13th August in case you are wondering).

Elsewhere in the “alternate” world (or AntiSocial world) I have been interested to see the rise in quite specific interest groups – one for the 50s-70s Lotus cars, as an example on Faceplant. I do wonder about the long-term sustainability issues some of these platforms might face, and what they may mean for the integrity of the data, but in the short term it is wonderful that so many are willing to post up so much fascinating information.

Anyway, enough of my philosophising. I am sure that I have as usual missed more than I have remembered, so Tom will do his usual tremendous job of sweeping up the mess!

Meantime, I hope to see lots of you out and about this month, so please be safe, keep it upright and on the black stuff.

Pip pip,

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