The HSRCA is Inviting More Modern Cars to their Autumn Festival

HSRCA Autumn Festival 2017

The HSRCA’s first historic race meeting of 2017 is coming up this April 7-9, and they are inviting new groups of more modern cars to join the fun. Entry is open through the CAMS Members’ portal, and HSRCA members receive an increased membership discount of $50.

In an effort to introduce new people to the sport of historic racing, and to encourage participation and the buzzing atmosphere for which their events are known, the club has been working with other Australian motor clubs to introduce new groups to their meetings. Their April race meeting will offer a super sprint and regularity trial for invited classes within these groups.

So far these groups will include cars constructed after 1987 and before 1998 which are representative of those that raced in the period and are compatible to run safely with other entrants. This extends Club Lotus Australia eligibility well into the early Elise and Exige models, and with an S2 running at their previous meeting we’re sure to find many models within our marque eligible.

If you’re interested in running and have any questions, the HSRCA suggests contacting David Ellis for guidance.

The Club has also been working to reduce the costs associated with entering the meeting, while also increasing track time to provide similar value to an equivalent super sprint event.

The Autumn Festival will also feature entertainment for the kids and the whole family, with market stalls, local food, a jumping castle, and more planned for the weekend.

HSRCA events are traditionally relaxed and social and feature brilliant grids of historic racing and sports cars doing what they do best. We’ve enjoyed some great weekends with them in the past, and look forward to sharing many more with then in the future!

Entry is open through the CAMS Members’ portal here and will be for a few weeks yet. If you’re an HSRCA member you will receive an increased members’ discount of $50.

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