Lotus Photos: CSCA 2017, Round 2 at Sydney Motorsport Park

Lotus at CSCA Round 2 Sydney Motorsport Park

Following up quickly from March’s opening of the motorsport season at Wakefield Park was round 2 of the 2017 CSCA series, held on Sunday the 2nd of April and hosted by MG Car Club Sydney.

In contrast to Goulburn’s perfect sprinting weather, drivers faced some iffy conditions on Sunday. with off-and-on rain developing throughout the day at Sydney Motorsport Park. Nevertheless, drivers did a good job of keeping rubber on tarmac and we saw some quick times. They also did a great job of generating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the pits and paddock, which made it a fun day to a part of.

Scroll along for a few photos from the day, and stay tuned for a more detailed report from Mike.

Images thanks to Seth Reinhardt

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  1. Thank you for the photos Seth. They captured the theme of these outings brilliantly – the cars and the camaraderie!

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