Follow Up the 2017 Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee with a Lotus-Only Track Day at Wakefield Park

Lotus Only Track Day

The 2017 Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee is already set to be the biggest birthday party that the Club has ever held, and it’s now gotten even bigger with the addition of a Lotus-Only Track Day on Monday the 14th of August.

The track day, held by Simply Sports Cars at Wakefield Park, will see the full variety of Lotus descend on the countryside circuit for a day of fun and friendly motorsport. Registration is open now on the Simply Sports Cars website, and you can get there by clicking this link.

Lotus-Only Track Days are designed to be safe, fun, friendly and inclusive. They offer drive, sprint and race sessions to cater to all skill levels and inclinations. As always, experienced drivers will be available to offer assistance and the Simply Sports Cars Lotus team will be on board to answer questions and provide advice relating to your car.

Simply Sports Cars have a great post up explaining the days, and you can find that right here.

The 2017 Lotus Elite Diamond Jubilee will be held over the weekend beforehand, the 12th & 13th of August, 2017, at Sydney Motorsport Park.

The event will feature a CSCA sprint meeting on Saturday as well as the big celebratory dinner on Saturday evening, bringing together luminaries of the era from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Sunday’s celebrations coincide with the Shannons Sydney Classic and will feature an unparalleled gathering of Lotuses in a specially-designated LOTUS LAND as well as a photo opportunity, parade laps and picnic lunch.

Put the dates in your diary, get involved and we’ll see you in August!

Registration for the August 14th Lotus-Only Track Day is open on the Simply Sports Cars website here.

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