Eddie Lankhorst’s Quokka Talk for April, 2017

Easter Early Morning Run

Catch up on the news in the Western Australian Lotus community thanks to the latest Quokka Talk by Eddie Lankhorst.

By Eddie Lankhorst

Another busy month has passed us by.

Back in March we had a round of Speed Event Series down at Collie Raceway, where we saw Richard Cooper and Kevin Fitzmaurice shine. Richard had car issues with handling and asked Steve to have a drive to get his opinion.  Steve quickly gave the car back saying that it was going to kill him, so they made some tweaks to the set up.  Richard ended up winning his class.

Upon getting home, Richard decided to check out his suspension and quickly found that one spring seat had collapsed.  No wonder his car handled so poorly, but Richard still managed to drive it to victory.  Steve Metilitzky on the other hand had his own on-going issues with firstly an oil hose coming adrift and then a loss in power due to supercharger belt slipping.   And of course the trouble free Elise S1s ran trouble free on the day, with Kevin driving superbly doing himself proud winning his class followed closely by myself.

We have had two EMRs since last issue with great attendances. We have also seen two new Elise ownerships in Perth.  So big smiles and congratulations to Olivia to her purchase of a very low Km White Elise S2 and also to John to his Blue Elise S2 with black stripes with a fine white edge.  Lovely, look forward to seeing you guys at more drives to enjoy your car.

So its off to Lotus 2017 for Les, Marilyn, John, Robyn, Vicky and myself for a long weekend of fun with fellow Lotus folk.

May is looking a little quieter on the Lotus scene with:

  • BOAB Meet n Eat on Monday 8th May, 6am Kings Park
  • EMR to Gingin All British Car Show on Sunday 21st May, meet 8am in Guildford.

Until we next meet, enjoy these photos from the Easter Early Morning Run.

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