Lotus Photos: 2017 Auction of Lotus Parts for Lifeline

On Sunday the 25th of June Anne Blackwood hosted a charity auction of Lotus parts to raise money for Lifeline. Syd Reinhardt and Ashton Roskill photographed the event, and have kindly shared some images with us here.

The auction saw a collection of Lotus parts, mostly belonging to Elans and Sevens, along with a set of Escort bits, sold to members of the community. All up, Anne raised over $6000, which will be donated to Lifeline.

The auction also made for a great excuse for the community to get together and enjoy each other’s company on a lovely winter afternoon.

We’d like to send a huge thanks to Anne and everyone involved in setting up, running and hosting the event, as well as to everyone who dug deep to contribute so magnificently to Lifeline’s efforts.

Enjoy the photos below, thanks to Syd Reinhardt and Ashton Roskill.

Thanks to Syd Reinhardt

Thanks to Ashton Roskill

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